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"Come, join our Sacred Gathering in a celebration of Love Truth and Peace"

SEPTEMBER 01-05, 2017


The Gaiwagweniyo is a profoundly personal quest into what it means to be alive.  It is an inspiring, and deeply transformational journey; a profound and unique experience from the moment you decide to take part.  This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience a very special process; to dance your past, your present and your future; to tap the wellspring of your authentic self and clarify your path, your life. 

Be a part of this Sacred Journey.  Whether you come as a Community Keeper to witness the process or a Truth Seeker, a Dancer Energizing the Wisdom Wheel of Truth, you will find it to be "inspiring, life changing, challenging, wonderful, supportive and worth a thousand workshops!" your heart....sing your song…. Dance your dreams alive...

Lee and Bob

Under the guidance and leadership of Bob and Lee Nitsch you will:


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Held in Nature near Glastonbury, Somerset.

Glastonbury Tor


Where do I begin?
Gratitude so pure
Growth so sweet.
Intergration so subtle
The Long Dance
The sweet dance
The ‘velvet bootcamp’
The cosmic jokes aplenty.

Voyaging deep within
Alone. Yet as One.
Learning a little of who I am.
Crying, laughing, jumping and skipping
Singing, resting, pacing, rattling
Drumming, praying, thanking
Rejoicing, writing, reflecting
Trusting, working, expanding.

All of this and yet so… SO much more.
Julie, UK.  8 Sept 15




We called for the Annual Longdance & last year our call to Bob & Lee was answered. They committed back to us & flying 8,000 miles, invested in 6 tonnes of Blue Lias & other materials, all locally sourced & offered us a powerful moving meditation, built on our prayers & intentions. Now, the stones lie patiently awaiting our return this year, calling us back, trusting in our commitment to continue our souls work, spirit journey.

I love the freedom commitment brings & I too, yearn to reconnect with the people I met & yearn for the LongDance to be an annual, grounding, meeting of likeminded souls. A safe place & time to explore my "Mad, Sad & Bad", "Guilt, Pain & Shame", known & unknown & all my grievances held against the world. Such complete joy I've had in releasing what I was in fear of seeing.  Millions & millions of thanks, Bob & Lee & I commit to seeing you in September.

In the Dance of creating a huge stone Medicine Wheel, a rare & safe space was built on our prayers, stone by stone. Our minds quieted, our hearts opened, allowing the within the within to be heard & more important, being securely held by B&L, to be able to LISTEN & UNDERSTAND what our physical reality is desperately trying to tell us.

I found within, so many grievances, known & unknown I still hold against the world, constantly blocking me from the light within & from creator. All the unfairness, all the times where I was right, used maliciously, where I was blamed & where I blamed back, projected. Being "right" didn't help the pain or make me feel any better. Forgiving others for "not knowing what they've done", is hard work but the measurable results are far more than I could have asked or imagine on my own. I'm looking forward to this year’s Dance & to whom I'll meet there.
I discovered so many perceived injustices I've held onto, causing me pain, pain held in my body, the pain of holding on to "I'm right, they're wrong", blocking me from joy.

Thanks to my experience at the Dance, I'm now on the path of surrender, letting go. The power of the group process isn't about the need to share the "drama" but about the humanity of us all, the collective yearning to be conscious, whole & being able to sit with, accept inner turmoil, confusion, ignorance, not knowing at times. Sharing our strengths & commitment allows us to share & accept our very human weaknesses & doubts, so more possible when being held in love & tolerance, the very Long Dance of life.
Trusting this is helpful. Pax jx



The Longdance is many things.  It is an opportunity to delve deeply in a beautifully held and safe space.  It’s a chance to heal, to find your way home and to sing your own song.  It can be life-changing, life-saving and life-affirming. Kirsten


The Longdance was a truly profound experience.  It provided me with a very protective and supportive space in which I was able to do what I needed to allow me to move my life in a more positive direction.  It was a truly freeing and uplifting experience and a golden opportunity to learn the skills I needed to live in a more fulfilling way.  I left feeling nourished on all levels.  Bob and Lee are incredible teachers with so much integrity.  Andy


Dragon Room


It is my experience of your teachings and your presence that I am freed to focus on what really matters, rather than what isn’t working and the speculation as to why that might be. It is a space that allows my centre to still to a silence so lush I know I can find all the answers to my questions for myself. The Longdance is supporting my spiritual journey into becoming truly at ease in myself, knowing what this is and accepting who I am whilst finding peace and stability.

In a world of broken philosophies, misinformation, propaganda and half-truths, the Seneca’s teachings support my exploration and journey in Truth like nothing I’ve experienced yet.

I learn best through emersion. In my time, I’ve ‘done’ guru-hopping around India and Nepal, I’ve been an international-personal-development-workshop-junkie, and now that I’ve met you the outward seeking has ceased. Now the inward journey can begin in earnest. The Longdance was (and continues to be) like my fast-track into deeper Truth and authenticity, in life, in work, in relationship, in communication. In everything.

How can I capture the magnitude of gratitude in written words so as to do justice to the scale…? Insurmountable. Nya:weh Sge:no. thank you – a million times thank you – for being. Being you. For shining bright. For cutting the bullsh*t, reminding us to ‘change the channel’, and gently and lovingly supporting us as we return to our truth. Julie, UK. Xxx




Like no other ‘therapy’ the work that I did at the Longdance took me straight to the core of what I needed to address in my life.  The end result is ever lasting; transformed me to a different level and helped me keep my flows of what happened at the Longdance in my daily life.  My relatives and friends have remarked on the huge difference they noticed in my general wellbeing, and happy mood. Kristl


Room 1


I came to the Dance with some inner trepidation and willingness to join in.  From day one I felt held and supported by Bob, Lee, the Group, Earth Spirit Center, and the soft land of Glastonbury.  I left with a very happy heart and renewed clarity of my purpose in life.  A thousand thank you-s.  Ann


Ancient Yew

*Very Moving             *Profound                    * Gentle                        *Joyful

Without doing any actual ‘therapy’, myself and others did a few years healing work in 5 days. I found answers and gifts I had yearned for most of my life-without even being aware of some of them until they arrived.  *Recommended*  Mike


Design 1Design 1Design 1Design 1



Chicago Area Workshop

9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. - Saturday, July 9 and Sunday July 10, 2016

Held at Saint Marks Episcopal Church, in Glen Ellyn Illinois

Contact:  Carolyn Faivre:  630-334-1053


Bob and lee

Are you looking for a more authentic way to live your life?
Do you need a better way of finding answers to your questions?

Native American Teacher Bob Nitsch and his wife Lee will be coming to the Chicago Area to run a weekend of inspirational workshops. The ancient Iroquois traditions they present are vitally relevant and immediately applicable in these changing times. The teachings offer powerful insights, along with effective tools to connect inwards with Spirit and with Nature, to help you navigate a clear path forwards.

Bob, son of Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, was raised in the Seneca Tradition in the Family home on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation and follows in the footsteps of his ancestors.  Lee’s gift as a Spiritual Teacher, counselor and creative artist makes her a great facilitator for personal growth and healing.


How to live in this world and Hold our vision on the World of Truth

The wisdom of our Seneca Elders has been a source of great comfort in times of confusion.  Let's explore the Ancient Wisdom of Grandfather Hadoui and discover how we too can walk in beauty with the Great Mystery. Participants learn techniques used by the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge for:


Drumming Evening - Friday, July 8, 2016

Chant, drum and sing Seneca songs: renew your spirit with smiles and laughter. You are welcome to bring a drum, rattle, percussion instrument or just come enjoy yourself in the welcoming atmosphere.


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