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Just For This Moment ...

Just for this moment…we ask you to transport yourselves within the communal life of the Hodinöhsöni’, the People of the Longhouse. 

In this tradition, the women are honored and respected as the Givers of Life and the Nourishers.  This is a balanced society which is neither patriarchal nor matriarchal, but matrilineal which means that it follows the bloodlines of the Mother.  This is a society where the checks and balances provide everyone with equal respect and an equal voice.

Traditionally the Women were the land and property owners.  They were the farmers, raising the crops and preparing the meals to nourish the people.  The Grandmothers served as care givers, councilors and were responsible for electing and ensuring that the Chiefs represented the interests and welfare of all.  The Grandmothers raised the children who belonged to the Clan and represented the survival of the people.

The Men were the Hunters and Gatherers and supplemented the diet of the people with fresh game. The Chiefs made the laws and the young Men were the Protectors of the Elders, the Women and the Children. 

To this day the Chiefs of the Hodinöhsöni’are elected to represent the people by 50 Clan Grandmothers who have retained this title and privilege since it was bestowed upon them 2000 years ago by The Peacemaker.

It would do much for restoring the peace and harmony in the world if all people could be honored in gratitude simply for being who they are and what they offer for the good of all…

Da Naho, It Has Been Said
Lee Nitsch

Written for the Bristol Newsletter, UK- 2004 at the request of Kat Demeter


Insights On The Road!



Messages from White Eagle Lodge

January 4-6, 2013


    1. Love and Blessings come from Truth and Gratitude.

    2. Peace with Faith brings Understanding to Prayer.

    3. The Harmony of Truthfulness is a Place of Amazement.

    4. Like the Songbird; Embrace Life through Peace.

    5. The Love Connection brings Freedom and Harmony.

    6. Love through Understanding requires Wonder and Courage.

    7. Unity embraces Peace, Joy and Expectation.





What is a way to give back to Motherearth?


From the moment you are here be Grateful for all I so abundantly give you; lessons, blessings, everything you encounter on Motherearth.  Love your Mother and one another.  Be kind and forgiving.  Teach your children wise ways to love me.  Take care of all kingdoms of life; use all gifts wisely.  Teach your children to talk to and rely on, Creator and Me. Listen with your Inner-Senses as you walk on Motherearth. Wherever you go leave a gift; a token of your love for me; walk gently leaving your lighted footsteps on me; for the light to guide those who follow…Keep close watch over your thoughts and actions; keep them pure.  Work with the Angels of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to bring cleansing and healing to Motherearth and the world of Nature.



Water, in all forms, holds consciousness; keep flowing. We ask that you send love to us daily to help clean-up and purify us and raise consciousness all over the earth.  Notice the joy that soaking in a tub, or watching water gives you; beach, lake, stream or waterfall.  Give gratitude and blessings.  Bless and love the water in your body; daily.


FINNEDS: Fish, Eels

Let me swim in clear unpolluted water; throw no waste my way; let birds and beasts drink from me and partake of its goodness and energy.  Precious am I whose fins can swim deep and happy in Natures’ water. Beloved am I who can dance in rainbows of light, the energy of love, which are gifts from Motherearth.


WATER BEINGS: Crabs, Clams, Coral, Crayfish

Change must start from within you; all starts at home. Clean and harmonize; what happens inside is reflected to the outside. As you heal; love shines out.


WATER ANIMALS: Muskrat, Beaver, Otter, Turtles

Look at us; we Beavers, Turtles, Muskrats, Otters; we can be hilarious in our day to day strivings; and yet, do such profound work; Slow as a Turtle; Busy as a Beaver.  Stop and really look at us; revel in the delight of us.  Some of us are not often seen; and yet you humans model after us every day.  Can you imagine that we are not connected?  Really see us; enjoy and in joy do we receive your attention and admiration.  If you humans slow down we will be saved.



I, Grandmother Moon, cast my Light over Motherearth at night, restoring her vitality, by sending down to her, my silvery beams of love.



Appreciate:  the Beauty and Colors created with the Sun; the Life giving Rain, Snow and Sleet; the Shadows created on the Land; the Relationship with the Wind.  Positive energy is spread when you appreciate.  Be thankful for and appreciate the examples of diversity of shapes, depth, shade and color:  form Relationships; work Together.  Remember Diversity Creates Beauty. 



‘Star Light, Star Bright.’  See ray, upon ray, upon ray of light beaming down from the stars and planets.  Rays extend into the consciousness of humankind as they walk upon the earth.  White Eagle suggests that you walk upon the earth with each footstep putting light into the earth to heal, to nurture, and to love. See this as a wonderful blending of as above so below; truly no separation, but a working together to bless and heal this beautiful Mother.



“Pay Attention!” …Movie Stars, Rising Stars, Falling Stars, UFO’s, and ET’s, what are stars…what are star beings, anyhow?  How would they communicate, media, computers, communications, manipulations, co-incidences?



Cultivate awareness of the importance of every step you take upon Motherearth.  How is your step; Heavy and Sad, or Light and Joyful? How you walk on our Mother helps her or hinders her.  We need our family to be happy and joyful for these are the ways of our Mother and the birthright of all of her children.  In walking with Joy you love her, and all our family needs to be loved.  It is time to do a better job.


THUNDERERS: Thunder Lightning

We are your Ally, the Thunderers:  Clearing the atmosphere; Clearing patches of land; striking deep with energy and creation.  Surprise is key.  Electrical displays charge and clear the air; it is Nature’s Fireworks.  Thunderclaps drown out the inessential; Pyrotechnics above remind all of the awe of Creation.  Sometimes destruction and clearing precedes rebirth and Creation: fashioning crystals from melted sand; awe or Fear forging new alliances; Instantaneous exhilaration; breaking up old patterns and lighting a new way.  Changes of vibration and atmosphere bring change to breathing, osmosis and absorption.  Lightning changes the charge of particles; ionizing and electrifying in infinite and finite places; points of contact.  The surprise clap of thunder brings attention.  Loud claps and belts of lightning discharge tension bringing change to all respiration and mark weather changes.  At need the old is melted/fired away and new form grown.  Give back by: breaking outworn patterns; allowing new breath; at need destroy the old in distinct places.


FOUR WINDS: East, South, West, North

North – we provide Water from the snow and glaciers
South – we provide Energy from South America – Condor
East and West –we provide Energy for travel, electricity and heat used in Past, Present and Future.  Use wind generators to stop burning Motherearth for a so-called ‘need.’



I live in every Raindrop; I live in your heart. Love and honor your truth.  Take time to be still; cultivate Peace and the Seeds of God in Man will bloom with Reverence for all; feel your being; cry and laugh.



Each drop has a story; appreciate us in all our aspects; acknowledge the difference in all humanity as seen in the snow flake which once was a rain drop. Judge not the floods from us.  As we are as Creator has created us and as our Mother directs us.  We bring you energy to give to Motherearth; like Dams and Ions. See us as one with you and your rejoicing will bring joy to the Earth. 


In a sense, I am a form of rage that is so tightly wound, I leap beyond man-made control. I can become quite destructive, honoring nothing material, but the need to create a clearing of old structures for Motherearth to breathe and begin anew. I move things around and in so doing foster creative adventures for mankind to release what no longer works on the Earth plane. I am also the Earth’s vacuum cleaner providing cleanliness to negative areas. I can be formidable and terrifying, but I can also be gentle and playful like a child who spins in the dust. I am a clearing modality.



First of all, acknowledge the beauty of the Motherearth, take care of the lands that are entrusted in your care, and do not abuse them, or pollute them. Live off the land and refurbish the land by planting trees.  Do not use more than what you need.  Leave something for other people and animals.  Every creature and being here has a purpose, it is up to you to realize that purpose to all work in harmony.


ANCIENT ANCESTORS: Those That Came Before

Tread ever so lightly. Smile along the way.  Help those that need it.  Educate often.  Give back to each other and to Motherearth; that is the balance.  Love yourselves and make us proud.  Understand and do your true will.  Love under will. 



Sing your song to the Mother with gratitude and reverence.  The Mother loves to hear the song of her human children, as she does when the birds and animals sing their songs to her.



I am small.  I am many.  I work hard.  My lesson is ‘Humility’.  I am food. I provide life for many larger beings.  Watch where you step!  Don’t poison my home.  The world is not the world without me.



Replenish the soil; prevent depletion.


TREES: Standing People

Let us Live...Even the Dead are Alive.  I Live…We Live, Be one with us; Let us be; Let us Grow... (Plants Came) We are All One.


Open your hearts with Joy and Thanksgiving for I bring you a message of beauty of gentleness, of the peaceful way we stand with strength and dignity, bending in harmony with brother wind moving with the currents, not fighting but moving in harmony with all of Creation.  Learn the message of loving giving and of recycling.  See us as we give freely of ourselves to/of life; address us with gratitude and love and we grow ever brighter.  Look into the hearts of the so called lowliest flower and you will still see the constant and enduring source.  Open your being to the companionship of brother/sister plant life.  We stand by you with a gentle dynamic peace.  Walk beside us honoring the oneness of all life.  Breathe forth our gently beauty and wisdom, to all of the human race.  Befriend us, respect us, embrace us, and embrace the harmony that we bring all life.


Learn and tell of my healing ways; especially where I’ve been replaced with synthetic chemical medicines.  Eat of my brothers and sisters to ward off the sickness that comes from manufactured foods.  Speak of how I heal the body and mind and awaken the heart/spirit connection.  Use me in right quantities so there is plenty.


STONES: Record Keepers

Motherearth manifests within the stone people diversity in abundant ways.  Our message to you is to respect diversity and gift Motherearth with a wealth of diverse species in all that you plant and cultivate and harvest.


Please Note we acknowledge with love the following Relations who were in repose:

FIRE: LITTLE PEOPLE: Djonh-Geh-Onhn; CREEPY CRAWLERS: Snakes, Worms; FOOD PLANTS: CREATOR: including all/any others who have not here been mentioned, we send you our love and gratitude.  Thank you for Being.



Messages from Swindon

April 13, 2013

1. With Perseverance, Priya, all is well.

2. Expression through Music encourges Gratitude. 

3. Will can, become a friend.



Messages from Swindon

April 14, 2013

1. In this Cycle we find the Portal is Compassion.

2. The Power of Joy lifts the Spirit. 



    Messages from Brighton

    April 20, 2013

    1. Like Two Owls, peer into Deep Waters.

    2. Grandmother Spider in Autumn spins the Water of Time.

    3. Watermelon Reveals the Hope of the Mother.

    4. Green Grass is an Angular reflection of the Rain carried by the Four Winds.

    5. Be Soft and Cherish with Joy, the Precious.




    Messages from Brighton

    April 21, 2013

    1. The Wolf teaches that the Red Stream is Blessed.

    2. The Kingdom Sage works with Compassion Waves.

    3. The Sun Being shares its Love Dream.

    4. In Light we find Wisdom, Gratitude and Happiness.




    Messages from Wansford

    April 27, 2013


    1. Be Soothing, Beautiful, Understanding, and Welcoming.

    2. Forgiveness is like a Teapot; Compassion given from the Heart.

    3. A Spring of Kindness earns the Dragon's Trust.

    4. A Connection of Warmth fills the Hole with Joy and Surprise.




    Messages from the Beilen

    May 4, 2013


    1. Peace brings Gratitude.

    2. Thank-you brings Balance.

    3. Light brings Responsibility.

    4. Creator brings Happiness.




          Messages from the Bodensee

    May 18, 2013


    1. Peace and Light fulfills Longing.

    2. Calmness is found in Love and Devotion.

    3. In Silence we find Freedom and Power.

    4. Freedom is like a Gentle Mountain.

    5. We need Courage for Integration into Oneness.

    6. With an Air of Devotion we create Harmony.

    7. Joy brings Ease/Lightness to Receiving.

    8. Be Astonished at the Heart of Love.

    9. Trust Love and Ease/Lightness.

    10. Gratitude comes before wisdom and wisdom brings forth Gratitude.

    11. Listening requires Peace of Mind and Courage.

    12. To be Heartfelt is like being Carried Safely through the Snow.

    13. The Earth brings us Together in Joy and Happenstance.




    May 18, 2013


    1. Frieden und Licht enfullt Sernsucht.

    2. Gelassen Reit ist Liebe und Heingasse.

    3. In Stille funder wir Freiheit und Starke.

    4. Freiheit ist wie ein Saufter Berg.

    5. Wir Brauchen mut zur Untegration ins Einsseir.

    6. Wit einer Auravon Hingabe schaffgen wir Harmonie.

    7. Freude bringt Leichtiglesit ins Empfungen.

    8. Staunen uber das Her der Liebe.

    9. Vestrane liebe und Leichtigheit.

    10. Dankbarheit bringt Weisheit Hervor.

    11. Zuhoren erfordert einen Stilla Geist und Mert.

    12. Heslichkeit ist wie geborgen durch die scheree gehen.

    13. Die Erde bringt uns zu sanimen in Freude; und uit dea digen in Fluss sein.





    Messages from the Five Elements

    Spring/Summer 2013



    How can we speak and listen to each Element?



    Walk lightly…Immerse yourself in the Water, river or pond; with the Earth …Touch it…Feel it…Watch it grow and change... Speak from the heart and feel/listen from your Vibral Core with the presence of Grandfather Sun… Walk barefoot on the grass…Feel the energy come up into your belly; especially when the grass is covered in dew.

    Raindrops…Trust…Floodgates…Nurturing… I dissolve into Water…I contain Water…Drink me pure …Embody me as I embody you…Flow with the tides…Sing me a river…Feed on me…Walk with me…Respect me…Be one with me…Through me you connect to all rhythms of all beings…



    Listen to the tree telephone…A real treat!  The message is by Air mail…No stamp required…Sit in a forest of tall trees in leaf…Allow images to come in and out.. Breathe.. Breathe with rhythm…Focus brings clarity…Make the sound of the winds…Waterfall…Sit in peace…Feel…Feel with your senses… Feel the wind…The breeze on your body…How it comes to you…See how the birds play on the wind…What/who comes with the wind…What direction does it come from…Speak out/listen to the Air from your hearts…Breathe and feel how the Air works with your body…Taking you to a place of calm and peace…

    Be inspired with the energy of each in-breath to enter the Sacred Space within and breathe out your Truth.  The Air listens at all times to all and returns the message to Spirit.  Listen to the messages of love and support and inspiration from the Air as you breathe…In and Out…listen to the voice of Spirit in the space between the breaths.  Hear the love of Spirit in the soft breeze and wild wind.  Awaken to the inspiration all around… Remember the rhythm…Breath in all things and feel its rhythm and flow…It is your connection to all and in its flow lies the truth of each moment…Notice what you are breathing in and what you breathe out… Be aware of each breath you inhale and exhale …Cleansing …Connecting…Purifying…Watch the trees and grass dance in the wind…See the waves pushed by the strong wind…Be grateful for the breath that sustains your life…Honour the Air…
    Air brings in change and new growth…Seeds direction and Spirit…The Winds of Change…



    …I became a stone hurled from the Earth in a hot, huge volcanic explosion…I was hot and gave the heat to some scared little creatures…I was still and grew cold…the sun came up and warmed me…I became a resting place and warming place for a lizard.  I was put into a Fire…I was at the center of flames…I felt joy and release…(Destroying…Fierce…Felt heat in the movement…Eventually Light came through becoming white and violet light…)

    Open the heart connection with the colours of yellow and orange …Ask the question… Be with Fire…Light Fires…Bring that into your heart…Be patient and nurturing towards Fire…Gentleness…Be with people who ignite your passion and love of life... Talk to the Fire by giving things to the Fire…Give physical objects like paper with sayings written or symbolic objects or old stuff to be released…All burnable!  Listen to the Fire by sitting close and quiet…Look at the flames to see messages and symbols in the flames…Listen to the sound of the flames for whispers of messages and teachings…

    Look at a candle…a Sunrise…a Sunset …The flame of love is in all of us and we release it to warm and feed others...We need to feel it and be warmed by the sun and heat, to release it…We all contain the sun…



    Heart connection…Flow with the moment…Be in Water…Hear its rhythm…Feel its spray…Ingest it…Be with it…Fluid…Ripple…Balanced…H2O…Strong bonds …Soothing, cooling, violet and white liquid…versatile…Speak from the truth of the heart, your heart, our hearts, and you are heard…Water is heard within, as the blood flows around the body and around within each cell, as well as in the rain and the rivers, seas, and from your taps…The message is liquid Love flowing to nourish and meet the needs of all living things…and to remind you all to remain in the flow of alignment with Spirit and Love...

    Listen to me…Respect me…Drink me…Acknowledge me in your body…See me in the rivers, stream, springs, lakes, seas, rain, snow, hole…Flowing…Nurturing…Sit with and listen to the Water…See the Water how it flows…How it finds its way…And pools in a place and flows in another…There is song in the flowing of the Water…Hear the song in the stillness…You can speak to the Water as you would to a friend or wise person…From your heart…in openness as the Water flows taking your message and singing with it…The Carrier…Water Carrier. Through the heart…Sing in the shower…with ‘An Attitude of Gratitude’…



    Instant colours of purple and green…In a secret garden, with Earth covering of gifted wood, sit, walk or stand and the elements will be listening…

    Permanent Connection…Sadness…Love of woodland… sitting in the large pine at my grandparents…conduit of light from Sky to Earth…Saw green and white light, felt compassion and very relaxed and felt bad feelings clearing out from top to my feet into the Earth…eventually violet and white light appeared…

    Charcoal…Life cycles…Petrified wood…Molecules… Reduce…Re-use…Recycle…Walk in the woods, come close to the trees, spend time in their midst…Open your heart…Use wooden objects with respect…Acknowledge wood in your life…Strength, Roots…Vibrancy...Being still and quiet…Merge energy from Sky & Earth in the Vibral Core and speak and listen to the elements as you would have a conversation with a Grandmother…Still, Serene and Quiet…

    Walk amongst the trees, you already do!  Use amber; DO OM …Use a pencil and paper…Effortless surrender to the beauty of being…Present in each moment…Just being…Being in the woods…Feeling the energy of the trees…How elegant…How they dance…Hear the song in the wind…Touching the trees…Slowing to their rhythm…Sending down roots to theirs…Connecting with their head in the Sky…Move as they move…Join their dance…Following Air…Unmarked path…Wrapped in a magenta blanket…Listen and act upon your heart…Climb to the top of a tree and breath in the clean oxygenated Air…

    Wrap your arms around a tree…With Permission, send your energy into it…Ask for its message…Mother Earth hears you when you speak through the roots in your feet…With each step on the ground…When we stand, walk or run in awareness…Joy and connection…Feel our bark…Be drawn to our strength…We give messages of constancy, strengthening, and going with the flow of the seasons…We are never alone, with many, we welcome other life forms!  Be a conduit for Love…Solidarity and Wisdom…Integrity and Strength…Nourishment and Life Giving…Stand in your own power like we do…Protect Sacred Space and let the seeds of Wisdom carry on the Wind…



    2. How do we move forward?


    A newspaper…Open at the sports page…A black-and-white photograph of a cricket match…The newspaper closes….It’s my father sitting there, looking at me…

    In Chalice Well Gardens…the Earthmother came, dressed as a woman in moss, clay and light green fibers…In her belly was Gaia as if from space…She cast seeds from her belly and with her right hand they fell on the Earth around her seedlings and life shot up and grew into the light…And invisible small beings climbed up the stalks and lived in the flora and fauna…The visible and invisible lined in cohesion together…) The message is ‘All Life Is Sacred’ …Where the Earthmother walked, behind her where her footprints were, life springs up, in Love, in Truth, and within Peace…

    With Small steps of Caution…One small step at a time, in gratitude for the miles you have travelled and have yet to travel… Love…
    Beauty…Openness…Receptivity…Nurture Body and Spirit …Nurture with food…Nurture with words and gratitude …Growing…Sowing…Watering…Walk barefoot on the Earth…Be gentle yet firm …Join forces…Celebrate…See nature…Be joyful…Be happy…Movement amongst people will enhance your learning…Find like-minded support.  Find people who can help?  What is needed?  Can we move forward in a secure way?  Do it for the good of all; support all life, not just now, but for Seven Generations to come?  …Make a spontaneous Leap of Faith or …Make it gradual Step by Step…

    Listen to the Elements…With love and grace…In Spirals…By letting go of the past…By putting your foot on the accelerator…
    With courage, integrity and intuition, see what is needed…Listen to the stories…Speak the truth…Look from a higher perspective…One step at a time to know you have the ability to walk away from that which does not serve…It is the true voice in you …The Inspiration …The Knowledge …The Power to move forward, in Truth, Harmony, Balance…The Seen and Unseen, Above and Below…Past and Future…Present, The Gift…Breath and Understanding…

    Remember again and Conceptualize that we are all one…Truth is, there is no separation, we are all of one and the same body, with apparently different physical manifestations…But this is a major illusion…A worm is not a worm, but a part of Mother’s body…All you see, trees, flowers, plants, stars, planets, all is a part of the one body of Creation…As you are too…The first step of the way foreword is to know this…Feel it…And trust that from this first step, the way foreword will be shown to you…



    Sitting in a lakeside…Insects buzzing lazily in the sunshine…White blossom floating on the surface…Just sitting there taking in all that…
    In Chalice Well, at the Lions Mouth, a font of pure Water cascades forth…A tiny female naked Water sprite/being washes and cleanses herself in the shower of pure spiritual Water…Dipping in and out of the fountain, darting between the shade and light, Water and Air…Dipping into bathe in the dark Water pool beneath…Seeing her reflection of beauty and energy…She is a guardian of this sacred element and is to be honoured and thanked for her service to all things

    …Blessed is the Water from it all life exists…Sacred Flow…Dance…Share…love your family…Feel colourful…Carry love with you…Allow it to flow through you…As the Water of the spiritual life, each one you meet may drink of the love you carry…Like a tidal surge…you are unstoppable…Begin with a trickle until saturation is achieved (you are unstoppable) …Immerse yourselves…Trust your feelings…

    Bathe in the deep Waters of your Inner Being…The sacred door of Inspiration…The flow that comes is on your journey…Silently and effortlessly moving through the realms of reality your prayers like the ripples on the Water…Trust…Go with the flow…Ebb and Flow…Tidal waves of immersion…Change your form as necessary (like ice, steam, rain, snow)…Feeling lost at sea is ok…Wait…Trust…Love …Peace…Truth…Drink…Hydrate…Float…Find the path of least resistance…Flow…Work with what’s around you…Sparkle with clarity and light…Have Faith…Know this; You will Succeed…

    Be like the Water Beetle lightly walk on the Water…Persist…with Yielding and Determination...Look at the qualities of Water and at how flexible and adaptable it is…Clear crystalline like when allowed to flow freely…Sometimes it creates wonders  drop by drop…Light dances with it…Colour and Light dancing spectrums are created…Water will flow around obstacles and even flow more strongly around them…Water can flow so quietly and cleanse and open pathways…Water fertilizes and creates growth and completely re-creates vistas…Be as Water, which is the greater part of you…Listen to it, it will show you the way…



    2. How can we speak and listen to each Element?


    I saw a bald eagle flying high, gliding on the Air currents…Eventually saw out of the Eagle’s eyes…Could see things on the ground in great detail…became very aware of my breathing, taking deeper breaths…

    In the Sacred Gardens a Being of the element of Air comes forth dressed in rags, ribbons and tassels from head to foot…The Air Being (Sylph) moves as if hovering across the lawn (no face or eyes seen) colours of white, green, blue, red cascade and flow around.  The element shows the four winds, the difference in soft, and gentle, to warm and breezy to mischievous to freezing force of Ancestral winds...Thank You For Being…

    I am the bubble from a fish deep in the ocean that rises to the surface…I am the expanse of space between Earth and Sky…I am the beauty of life within your body…You can feel me, sense me and be grateful for all these sacred life giving gifts…I will show myself in the swaying of the leaves higher in the trees…I will brush your face…I will encourage you to take a breath…To smell the aroma of our creation…To feel the joy of the breath and life within you…In the song which touches your soul…In the breath of a baby…In the sound of the flute…These are a few of the ways in which I communicate…Oh yes, and in the smell of dinner cooking…

    Pay attention to the signs that are presented with all of your heart, senses and being and an exquisite strand of rainbow colours will be revealed...You will hear my song and recognize it as the song of your breath…You will feel a cool breeze on your face…I will create space in your heart…

    The Breath that carries your prayers speaks to me…Listen to my voice…listen to the wind…North, South, East, West…Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…I am with you…A thoughtfully voiced enquiry could not disappoint…

    I am invisible, but I will whisper secrets in your ear…I will rustle the leaves and ripple the Waters…You will know my messages…
    Use all of your senses…Remember you are part of the elements and they are part of you…Go within and ask your question…Be patient and trust your answer… Knowingness …Sensations …Feathers …Birdsong …Feelings of Air/breeze …Words appear in the mind…Breathe deeply into the deepest depths as if into Earth’s very center for this Air is Life’s breath that inspires and sustains all life and all life’s forms…

    It is Spirit that inspires breath…Breath that is life…Life that quenches all thirst…Life that touches each cell within every part of creation…Breath that brings all things into Life…The most magic ingredient that opens and seals each cell into being…To what is pre-ordained TO BE…The original ordination ceremony of Creator’s inspiration that inspires us all into Life…Breath that is Air, the very same Holy Spirit…Sacred One….Holding Life as it is Here until it breathes itself out to manifest as else it will inspire you to BECOME again…

    Focus and listen…Be…I blow through your hair…Just listen with your heart… Sound…Cool on skin …Breath …Music …Wind …Movement…Air is the breath of life…What are you going to do between this breath of Air and your last…



    Internally and flickering a flame for warmth…This eventually turned into a large Fire with many people, dancing around it…Then it turned into a Council Fire with many Elders in attendance…In the dark night a hug being of Fire shows itself as a red burning spark from the flames the raw energy of the flames burst up red golden and the white coals are contained…(Again a dancer…Close your eyes…Image of Fire…Went into and came out…Driving on an open landscape towards the sun setting…)

    The Flames of Knowledge …Light …Warmth …Fear …Rising Upward …Melting …Destroying …New Life …Sun …Ceremony…Warmth …Expansion …Compassion …Love…I am the heat, the passion, the burning and movement…Like Grandfather Sun glowing in the Sky, casting it’s warmth upon the Earth…I give life, a child feels me as her feet walk upon the sand…The flowers and forests raise their heads to me…I am inspirational…I am life giving…Feel me to know me…

    I burn so brightly that you cannot see me, yet I am there…Look with your heart…Become the Torch Bearer…I will warm your face with the heat of the sun…Show you the colours of a burning Fire…Give you the energy of inspiration, and enthusiasm for your creativity and movement…Each element will have a distinct color, shape and sensation…If you’re working with me, you may need to act quickly…You will feel a warmth in your belly and your eyes will sparkle…

    Feel the warm glow from within…Know that we are not separate, but one family, listen to your body and feel the Spirit…Look into my depths without expectation…See what is shown…I am in the sparkle of a loving glance…Feel me in the rays of the sun…Man believes he has tamed the Fire but he never has and never will…As with all the elements Fire has an awesome strength and passion…

    Be peaceful and still and go to the flame within you…Follow the light provided by the flame within for this will answer your question, and bring you …Joy …Fire …Warmth …Sunshine …Sharing …Dance …Laughter …Passion …Oranges and Reds… Dance with it…Enhance with it…Twirl it…Whirl it…Be inspired…Be wired and Play!

    The Sun is a one pointed still presence forever emanating heat and light from itself…Creation, as we know it is because of sun’s warmth and because of sun’s distance … To know the power of Fire is to know that part of yourself…That is to be honoured and respected…Work with the Fire of Passion with enough space and detachment not to burn up or burn those around you …As you work with respect and wisdom Fire becomes your friend and ally, giving you strength and inspiration…And this will guide you onwards… Come sit by the Sacred Fire…Toss away your unwanted fears…The Alchemy of Change…The Light of Truth…The Energy of truth…Fire of the Soul…


    I am the Spirit of the tree, the green smiling face covered in foliage, peeping…You may see me glimpsed from the corner of your eye…Ancient beings, connected with others in forests and woodlands communicating through our tree tops or roots…A collective or standing alone…All One…In the hedgerows, shrubs, in many places of the world…we connect all the elements and create our magic producing life resources for all things…We sustain this planet…We sustain this Earth…We sustain life…Sometimes Dormant …Green …Sleep …Rest …Bravo …Peace …Connecting to warmth …Stillness…Earth…Nourishment…Woods...

    I show you the interconnectedness of all things…Within me are all the elements, I nurture you as I am nurtured by the Earth…I, like you need Water to survive…I produce Air for you to breathe and sacrifice myself to give you Fire …Connection ...Benches ...Cabinets …Chairs …Carvings …Things of Beauty…

    We are old friends, and have held hands for many years…When you communicate with the wood element, there will be a feeling of inner stability…

    The wind in the leaves…The Earth at my feet…Warm Sun bleached bark…Cool moist mossy growths...Sap rises with the Seasons …Springtime dew, Autumn rain …Connect …Replenish …Rise Up …Live Free again…Touch and hold me then you’ll know when I have something to say to you… If you are unclear or unsure than ask? I will draw your attention to my beautiful trunk and bark …Let you feel the smoothness of my form…Encourage you to sit on me to experience my stillness and wonder…

    Soft …Friendly …Surrounding …Nurturing …Alive …Suffering …Useful …Yielding …New Form...Be like a tree …Let your roots drop down deep into Motherearth …reach up high with your branches to Father Sky…Ask how this element nourishes you?  Does it give you strength and structure?  Does it feed your wisdom, speak to your feelings or enliven your spirit? ...Growth …Movement …Deeply Rooted …Connected to Spirit…Send your roots into the Earth and find stability, then you will be able to create connections and the elements will be expressed through time and shape and mold you…

    The rustle of dry leaves when you walk in the Autumn woods…The bursting beauty of bud and blossom so fresh and new from the grey and brown and wrinkled just as the grand child springs from the Grandmother…even dead we call to you in the crackle of the Fire and the Talking Stick…




    Messages from the Five Elements

    Ummendorf: May 26,2013


    I bring you peace and coziness.  Arrange a garden for me. Yes, at the back of the house it is O.K.  A larger garden would be better, but not too big for now.



    I am powerful; feel my Large scope; my vastness, notice a stream of air, feel carried; feel held. I provide Transportation, communication, I am quickening, igniting, I am transforming, I am breathe. I bring clarity, I am powerful.  Feel my lightness, infinite power, softness, Holy Spirit and vitality. I am connected with you. I am always connected with you! Make yourself aware of that more often. When there is too much air within, you can exhale it. Breathe into that area, and release it. Bow the forehead down a bit, and then breathe in via the back of the head. (Breathe...) Forehead in, mouth out, breathe into this place in the body. Or head up, then inhale via the forehead.

    Let more contacts to unknown people happen, let them happen without fears or prejudices, you will enjoy life more!



    I get them going; I ignite the fire of enthusiasm in others for love, for healing; to warm the others, to give physical warmth.  You are dancing, not moving, in the center; feel a shudder over your back. Orange light, plunging into white light, crystals forming, overcoming fear, rising like a serpent, expressing warmth, gratitude, humility, modesty. 



    I am portable, flexible, nourishing, and soft; I seep through the earth and make it fertile, there is quality in myself and in the interplay with other elements. Use water with awareness. Honor the beauty, cleansing, and refreshing power of water; stop the pollution of the oceans.

    I am clarity, purity, cooling, renewal, vitality, power, growth; I am an essential element, I can carry you; I can be warm. Overcome blockages, embrace new prospects; let go; allow me to carry you.

    Water is a large part of you. When you are swimming or diving in water; it is very natural —no matter if you are on the water (jumping) or in the water. Breathe like a fish, laugh underwater, perceive the glittering sunrays hitting the surface, feel like a mermaid. Be like the dolphins, swimming together. The third eye is like a well into which you can see; look deeply, see the bright circle at the bottom.


    Stand bright and upright, touch me with your forehead.  I am connected, feel this connection between your root and crown; this is your connection to the 5 elements.  I am stability, strength, and firmness.  I am Tree; I am alive. I am everything: paper, pen, brush, flute, violin, guitar, house, boat....hard, resin, wooden floor, warm, alive, soft, tock-tock-tock door. 

    Open new doors; vulnerability may be there; going new pathways. Like me, put on a protective overcoat and feel like you are being held.  Connect yourself with me; respect me; protect me. Be Persistence; resistance; powerful.  Feel the expansion; becoming upright; supporting; providing food; elasticity; penetration.  Experience how we draw on the resource of the Earth.

    I demonstrate growth, healing power, strength, softness and at the same time, protection, and warmth. I am Tree, firmly and powerfully rooted in the earth, giving support and being moved by air, I let myself bend and drop my leaves at the right point of time. I absorb water from the earth and store solar power. I release warmth and water. I unite all elements within me. My leaves produce oxygen. Many creatures live within me and profit from me. There is fire within me, also water. I release my energy for the good of all.  I stay in my place. Whoever needs me, must call on me. I like to give. I stay rooted.

    Messages from the Hannover, Germany


    May 31, 2013



    1. The Wolf Heart has Compassion for Creator.

    2. Beauty is Help found Together.

    3. By Keeping None; Emptiness Creates the Woman.

    4. Unconditional Love and Gratitude Create a Home.

    5. Inner Peace is Protected; Veit.

    6. Calmness after the Rain is Found in Silence.

    7. Even in Sadness, Joy can be Heartfelt.



    May 31, 2013


    1. Das Wolfsherz hat Mitgefuhl mit dem Schopfer.

    2. Schonheit ist die hilfe Gesseinsam Gefunden.

    3. In der Nichtsgehaltenwird, Erschafft Leere die Frau.

    4. Bedingungslose Liebe und Dankbarkeit Schaffen ein Zuhause.

    5. Innerer Friede ist Beschuzt, Veit.

    6. Rune nach dem Regenwird im Schweigen Gefunden.

    7. Selbst Indertraurigkeit kann Freude im Herzen Gefspurt Werden.




    1. How can I bring balance to the forest around my home/land that is being forested and hunted in mindless and unaware ways?




    1. Fill your heart with gratitude.

    2. Buy the forest; leave it in love and peace; resting so that it can recover.

    3. Plant a tree; plant a new Consciousness.

    4. Make a medicine bundle, create good medicine, build a pack.

    5. Where have you been?  Express your love and gratitude.

    6. Nourish the Forest and its inhabitants with Gratitude.

    7. Be the invisible guard of the forest by visiting it regularly.

    8. Put up Prayer ties with your prayers for balance in the Four Directions and where hunter's seats are in places where they feel the peace.  Put out information about alternative methods of hunting on the cars of the hunters and on the hunter's seats in the forest (we are watching you).

    9. Remember that you are not alone.

    10. Simply be present there.  Sit spot, walk in the forest/land, create medicine walks.

    11. Build a connection to the owner of the forest; ask for permission to do your sit spot there, share some of your experiences in this forest…

    12. Develop Bright Eyes.

    13. Walk with me, learn to walk like me, in this way your visit here will be peaceful and harmonious.

    14. Come with me, we can also learn to share in a forest that is not just for ourselves.

    15. Live in an authentic and Sacred manner; teach others by example.

    16. Keep your eyes open, notice what is going wrong; heal yourself; bring it to actions and stand tall.

    17. Seek a peaceful conversation with the hunters and foresters.

    18. Learn from each other.

    19. Prayer and fortitude.

    20. Teach; Trust; Love

    21. Show your love to the forest. Sing for it, pray for it.

    22. Simply be yourself, just spend time in silence with the beings of the forest, just relax, attentive and playful, rest with it.

    23. Invite the birds to nest there on the ground.  Invite the toads.

    24. Heal the earth of the forest, heal the soil.



    Messages from the Bear Tribe


    June 2-5, 2013



    1. Both Balance and the Sun are Peaceful.

    2. The Guidance of Wisdom and Trust demonstrates Grace.

    3. Flow with the Magic, create a Threshold of Relief.

    4. Freedom allows Energy to be brought Forward for Protection.

    5. Play when you are Tired and be Forgiving in your Communication.

    6. Love is Quiet, Love is Consciousness.

    7. Our Soul Power is Entwined with Healing and Observing.

    8. Say No to Civilization; Encounter the Ring of Fire.

    9. Find Strength in being Peaceful; Go! With Beauty.

    10. Our First Original Instruction was to be Light and Wait like the Flowers.

    11. Slowing Down the Heartbeat to a Whisper facilitates Awareness.

    12. We Hope our Connection with you brings Fulfillment like the comfort of Straw.

    13. Trust in your Walkabout; Trust in your Awareness.

    14. The Golden Ring is Faithfulness, Serenity, Taking Care and Sharing.

    15. The Peace of Soul is an Awakening that comes in a Big Flash of Light and Beauty.

    16. Love makes Everything Good, helps us through the Storm and provides Protection.

    17. Playfulness brings Transformation to Sanity, Bright Sun, Harmony, Deep Relaxation and Holy Peace.



     Wisdom of the Three Sisters

    June 2-5, 2013



    1. Strong Roots help Hearts open with Serenity and Love.

    2. In Peace the Spider and the Cherry Blossom live in Friendship.

    3. Beauty is how the Mother expresses Happiness and Power.

    4. Cherry Blossom Honey demonstrates; Connection, Joy and Understanding.

    5. We are Remembering your Arrival with Love and Merriment.

    6. Being Carried with Gratitude be Thankful for Peace.

    7. The Joy of Being Touched is a way to show Love and Thanks.

    8. Our Responsibility is to Truth, Awareness, and Trust.

    9. Spirit Connection creates Beauty in Age; it is the Bread of Awe.

    10. Balance yourselves with Sound, Respect, Joy and Harmony.




    Messages from Stille Wille, Roden, NL

    June 8, 2013



    1. In Softness Connect with your Gift.

    In Zachtheid Verbindem mu je Gescherk.


    2. Respecting Family Uniqueness allows all to Believe.

    Het Respecteren var de Enichheid van de Familie laar allen Ruimte om te Geloven.


    3. Happiness and Peace Balance Co-creation.

    Geluk en vrede Balanceren Co-Kreche.


    4. Honoring our Ancestors allows for Reconnection and Understanding.

    Het eren von onze Grechouders maahl de wej uirij noor Herverbenden en Begrip.


    5. Pursue Wholeness with Courage and Honesty.

    Heelheid Vinden met moed en Eerlijkheid.


    6. Blossom in Gratitude not Specialization.

    Blou op in Dankbaarheid, met met Specialisatie.




    Messages from Stille Wille, Roden, NL

    June 9, 2013



    1. Opening with Joy dissolves Stones.

    Openen mes Vreugde lant stener Oplosser.


    2. Fight like the Little People; with Love.

    Vecht mes de klethe Mensjes mes Liefde.


    3. Flexibility inside Frees Feet.

    Flexibility zan binnen berijolf Locten.


    4. Tranquility brings Tenderness and Warmth.

    Rust brings Zachchund eh Warmte.


    5. Circle yourself with Joy and Happiness.

    Omring jeself mes Vreugde en Geluk.



    Messages from White Eagle Lodge

    The Pathway of Peace: A Journey into Wholeness

    February 8, 2014



    1. My Brother, find Peace through Compassion.

    2. In Gratitude walk with Softness and Harmony.

    3. Remember Hilarity and Joy satisfies Hunger.



    February 9, 2014



    1. With Resolve, Grace all with  Kindness, and Unconditional Love.

    2. The Avatar is a Happy Camper of Delight.




    A Teaching of the Great Law of Peace

    Messages from Swindon, UK

    April 25th, 2014



    1. Flowing with Honor; Breathe in the Beauty.

    2. Friendship can Satisfy when your Specialty is Gratitude.



    April 26th, 2014


    1. Focusing on the Plentiful allows the Knotted Tree to find Peace.

    2. Dirt energizes the Tree like Whit light energizes sunshine.

    3. Kindness calms the Restless Reserves; Satisfaction Guaranteed.



    Messages from Brighton, UK

    May 10th, 2014


    1. Seasonal Comedy Brings Freedom.

    2. With Wonder the Fox enters the Silence Within.

    3. Be Light; Laughing infused with Joy.

    4. Climb the Hill Turning Happiness into Gratitude.



    May 11th, 2014



    1. To be Joyous Fly High at Night.

    2. With Love and Joy Face the Sacred.

    3. Be Hollow; be Green; Respect being Bendy.

    4. Be a Beacon in the Tree; Play Leap Frog with your Pattern.

    5. Create a Rainbow of Acceptance; Satisfaction Guaranteed!!



    Messages from Wansford, UK

    May 17th, 2014


    1. Be in Truth; the Yellow Ray says Boo; Wake up!!!

    2. Have Confidence in the Pattern of Friendship.

    3. Take the Journey from Confusion to Joy.

    4. With a Bright Hello; Create Warmth.

    5. Bask in the Glow; make Gratitude Heartfelt.




    A Teaching of the Great Law of Peace

    Messages from Beilen, NL

    May 24th, 2014


    1. Energize Light with Gratitude.

    2. Have Patience with Love and be Thankful.

    3. Surrender to Respect must be Heartfelt.



    May 25th, 2014

    1. In Joy be Proud and Peaceful.

    2. Sunshine Heals the Mother; Sunshine heals you.

    3. Trust in the Silence and use Friendly Persuasion.




    A Teaching of the Great Law of Peace

    Messages from the Bodensee

    May 31st, 2014


      1. Joy and Peace restores Centeredness.

      2. Love and Joy brings Dignity.

      3. Light when Excited creates Peace.

      4. Peace and Liberty are within our Capacity.

      5. Beauty and Clarity is Spirit Connection.

      6. Divided Power is Loss of Unity.

      7. Gratitude is Healing with Love.

      8. Friendship through Gratitude is Remembering.

      9. Freedom through Clarity Radiates like the Sun.

      10. Joy, not Bravery, feeds Excitement.

      11. Unity in Love is Wisdom.

      12. Rituals and Relaxation maintains Connection.

      13. Make Space for Gratitude and Happiness.



    June 1st, 2014



    1. With Intent create Coziness and Hope.

    2. Trust in Joy for Safety.

    3. Healing Fear allows for Inner Expansion.

    4. Happiness and Friendship helps with Integration.

    5. Pain of the Heart causes rough Seas in the World.

    6. Strength is Being Content in Love.

    7. Calm the Sea; be Quiet in the Creation.

    8. Hope comes from Dreaming in Bliss.

    9. Confidence comes from Clarity in Love.

    10. Friendship allows us To Give Life to Desire.

    11. Unconditional love is Oneness of the Heart.

    12. Growth through Silence creates an open Heart.

    13. Being at the Right Address changes Sadness to Satisfaction.




    Messages from Wildnisschule Wildeshausen Prinzhofte DE

    June 7th, 2014


    1. Be Excited about the Cherry Harvest; see the Beauty.

    2. With Animal Eyes see the Gift.

    3. Live your Life with Compassion and Truth.

    4. Be Positively Surprised; celebrate the Dying of the old cells to create a new Outer Skin.

    5. Feel the Power of the Hearbeat; feel its Strength.

    6. To Flow with Joy is the Souls’ Expression.



    June 8th, 2014

    1. Enjoy the Sunshine with Luck and Deep Joy.

    2. For Baby you must Birth Beauty.

    3. Joy and Peace brings Health.

    4. Love is Gratitude and Gratitude is Thankfulness.

    5. Justice is Truthfulness and Gratitude.

    6. Have Fun; Embrace the Heart of the Wolf

    7. Feel the Energy of Creativity and Love.

    8. Truth is the Source of Happiness.




    Messages from Wiesbaden

    June 14th, 2014


    1. Have Fun in Joyful Expectation and Gratitude.

    2. The Circle is the Path to Peace.

    3. Replace Sadness with Joy as your Dedication to Life.

    4. Love like a warm Embrace Restores Calmness.

    5. The Fulfillment of Compassion is Peace.

    6. Living in the Depth of Gratitude is a Delight.



    June 15th, 2014



    1. Joy and Light create Happiness.

    2. Make Emptiness Whole with Love.

    3. In the Contentedness of Mother Earth we find Hope.

    4. ippee!  Light overcomes Loneliness.

    5. Find Fulfillment in the Silence of Gratitude; Satisfaction Guaranteed.




    A Teaching of the Great Law of Peace

    Messages from the Furlong, Pa

    July 12th, 2014



    1. Creating from Beauty and Honor provides Ho.

    2. Together, we can live with Love and Compassion.

    3. Let's create from Joy instead of Happenstance.



    July 13th, 2014



    1. Learn Openness through Harmony.

    2. By making Linkage with an Attitude of Gratitude, we create Health and Happiness.



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