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Greetings from the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge

We trust that you are well.


Fellow Earthwalkers:

Thank you for your continued friendship and patronage.

Your kindness and patience have allowed us the time to regroup and rebound.   With smiles of delight, we witness ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ gathering speed as we make headway with our mounds of office work and correspondence.    

It is only in retrospect that we acknowledge just exactly how busy we have become over the years; each year adding more miles to our touring season. The Outreach Seminar Program has expanded again this year; beginning in the spring, with venues in United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Holland.  Thanks to the support and encouragement of our students internationally, we are excited to announce that in the fall of 2015 the ‘Gaiwagweniyo’ dance will be held in England. 

Bob continues his creative work in the studio composing a new Flute and Music CD, #5, (not yet named), which will be ready this Fall.  “Gaëdagö:h - In The Garden” (CD4) is sustaining popularity; receiving rave reviews, internationally.  Our three previous CDs ‘Niya we oh!’, ‘Rhythm & Rhyme in Sacred Time’ and ‘Nature Chants and Dances Live’ continue to be favorites. Cataloging and archiving of our Historical Records and Twylah’s Teachings is ongoing, with the emphasis on written materials and taped recordings. Our determination is to publish the definitive version of Twylah’s “Life Work.”

2014 proved to be a year of continued obsolescence with the replacement of two Computer Monitors.  Repair was needed for our Reel to Reel Tape Decks, Sound Board, and two computer hard drives; which now are working perfectly. We upgraded our recording studio with the introduction of a new Midi Controller, Audio/Midi Interface, and two Controllers for CD/DVD remote players.  

Our gratitude goes out to those thoughtful supporters who sent in documents, recordings, notes, videos, film and photo’s, for our archives.   

A great big Bear Hug; thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you, to those of you who answered the call of “How Can I Help” by sending in some much needed and greatly appreciated financial donations and office supplies.

With the Blessings of the Four Winds,
Thank you for Being “All for One-One for All”,      

Lee & Bob Nitsch





How Can You Help?

With the Blessings of the Four Winds,
Thank you for being “All for One-One for All”,   
Lee & Bob Nitsch


Thank you for your continued support!


Favorite Gram Quote

“One of the first things Seneca children learned was that they might create their own world, their own environment, by visualizing actions and desires in prayer.  The Seneca believed that everything that made life important came from within.  Prayer assisted in developing a guideline toward discipline and self-control.”  Twylah Nitsch



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